Maintenance Plans

Website maintenance can be purchased at $65.00 per hour or you can purchase 3 or 5 hours at a discounted rate. All work performed on your site is charged in 10 minute increments. For instance, if it takes us 14 minutes to complete a task, you will be charged 20 minutes time. If it takes 26 minutes to complete a task, you will be charged 30 minutes.

How it Works:  You would send us content text or a picture to add to your site. If it takes 10 minutes to complete the work you will be charged 10 minutes and leave a balance of 50 minutes, depending on which plan you purchase. The remaining time does not expire and will be used whenever you need us to make changes to your site. If the amount of time to complete the work exceeds the current balance of time on your account the work will stop at that time and you will be required to purchase additional time. You will be able to purchase additional time using PayPal through our website.

Maintenance Plan time cannot be used for New Pages for your site. Maintenance Plans are strictly for editing existing pages and galleries.

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  Hourly Plan   




$175.00 $275.00
Pay Per Hour Basis Pay in Advance - 3 Hours Pay in Advance -5 Hours





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