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There are a lot of companies that provide you the ability to create your own website for free or even at a minimal cost, but you are limited by a variety of obstacles: 1) You are limited to the number of "free" templates that are offered; 2) You are limited by your knowledge and ability to personalize these templates; 3) You are limited by your ability to edit photos, create logos or create your own graphic designs and must depend on what is available with the template or what you find on the Internet (if it's even legal to use); 4) You really don't have the time to spend on making your own website, but these companies convince you that it is easy and fast.


There are other factors that may inhibit you from making your own website the way you really want it. The question is, will you settle for something that's just "okay" or will you take the step to make your website dynamic and something that you really want? How valuable is your time? If you paid yourself by the hour for the time you will spend on your website, how much would that "free" website really cost? While you're trying to get your business going, or working to create a larger customer base, increase sales, etc., and then spending countless hours working on your "free" website, how much are you saving? For you accountants and managers, what is your ROI?


The solution is to let His Creation Designs create your dynamic website while you work on growing your business. We have already done the research for customizing your website, we know the ins and outs and can usually have a website ready to go live within 2 (two) business days, depending on the layout and any extras you select to include in your site and how soon you provide us with content and any photos/graphics you want to include in your site. If you need help with graphics and/or graphic design, we have partnered with Kate Gagliano of Divine Sign to provide graphic design work for HCD customers. Of course, her service isn't free, but the quality is unsurpassed and she's friendly too!


We meet with you and discuss your needs and design your website around those needs. Whether you sell products and/or services, or if you are a Non-Profit providing services or information to the community we will create your website to promote your company, its services and products and provide the quality of support that you deserve.


Call or e-mail us today to get started on your new website or to revamp your old rusty website: (951) 809-6012

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