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We offer a hosting service that other companies can't. Other hosting companies may offer hosting, domain registration and a "Web Builder", but they can't give you the attention and customization that we can. Let's face it, they don't know your website like we do, since we are building it. Most of these companies only see dollars and don't care about the individual; YOU. Not to mention the extras that can be added to the server such as anti-hacker and anti-virus.

Our servers are reliable and "Fast", with 99% Uptime Guaranteed. We use the latest technology and you will be able to add e-mail accounts easily as well as perform other tasks using the back end Control panel (cPanel), which is very easy to use and has a nice, simple layout.

You just can't lose with our hosting. When you host with us, you get a discount on the website price dedicated service.


Though you can register your domain anywhere, why would you? If we build and host your website, why not let us register your domain as well. Imagine the confusion you might have if you were to register your domain at one place, host your wesbite at another and then have us build your website. It not only makes it easier for you, but for us too. Let us do the research for your domain name and complete the registration so you can focus on your business.



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